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Are you thinking Starting your building?

We build a house mostly once in a life time. There are some facts obligatory to build a house for better living and we should follow those. Planning both the building & Work schedule should be basic starter.


Build your own building.

You can build your own building if some necessary measurement can be taken yourself. Remember there’s a certain regulation from Local Building Authority to engage certain professional for building job.


Involve Architects & Engineers for your building.

We believe we have developed the best Town Architect method ever used on all except projects with the highest-profile architects. On those projects, the conventional review by a resident Town Architect is still the best method because of the enormous pressure brought to bear by architects of great fame. But for most projects involving either local architects or draftsmen, this system is unparalleled.


Building materials in Bangladesh price list & installation fee.

Bangladesh Material Price List Suppliers, Choose Quality Bangladesh Material Products/Services Building material & electrical & furniture items.


Structural precautions.

Structural precautions covenants relate to the approval of plans and specifications required in accordance with the provisions of covenants in favor of the …


Residential details.

Residential Details, House Details, Building Details, Drawing, AutoCAD Details, CAD Details, Construction Details Online Customer Support click here for Residential Details, House Details, Building Details ...


Window details.

Interior Aluminum Door and Window Framing - 200 Series : 16 cad details (Modulex a ... Wood Doors and Clad Wood Doors: 21 cad details (Hurd Windows & Doors) ... 


Utility details.

Engineering Standard Utility Details. To aid contractors, developers, and engineering firms in meeting the City of Mount Dora's codes for utility design and ...


Energy efficient / less electricity consumption devices, appliance.

This power consumption will be listed on your electric bill. .... Using a combination of solar power and energy-efficient LED lights, ... Because LEDs use so much less electricity, it is now technically possible to provide battery ... factory automation signaling utilizing your PLC or Device net network, wireless, ...


Efficient Space arrangement.

Need help choosing office furniture, arranging it or learning more about office efficiency? ... Betsy brings five years of selection, design, space layout, ... with Hoyle Office Solutions to select the most efficient, cost effective, ...


Green concept.

Conventional houses with thickly plastered walls and westernised interiors are slowly giving way to sustainable, energy-efficient 'green houses' built of ...



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